Comic Samples for Helioscope Mentorship

9 Tries

A boy repeatedly fails escaping the 9 circles of hell while fleeing the institution he was born into. 

A small, personal, 9-chapter planned exercise for myself. It will probably be a bit disjointed and emotionally driven. The main character is the magical trans boy, and I'm interested in--and wary of--using that as a mirror of his overarching struggle to escape expectations over the course of the chapters. Originally started as an Inktober 2015 series--you can see more HERE.

The Cure

An ex-vampire hunter races to develop a cure for his unlikely friend and roommate, a freshly-made vampire, amid social upheaval. 

Currently a 300-page behemoth script. This is a story that has been in me for 10+ years that is I don't think is particularly unique, but I just need it out and done. 9 Tries was made as an exercise to prepare for this. I'm interested in having LGBTQ+ primary and secondary actors in a story that doesn't revolve around their sexuality or genders. 

Ranger Scouts Issue 1

Logline: As bright-eyed teens, they saved the earth from a terrible threat. Now as average 30-somethings in mediocre jobs, they’re called to defend the earth again, and they’re a lot less motivated tbh.

Issue 1 WIP shots for a series proposal by Ashley F Miller. I'm working off her script to produce a 20-page issue, with the plan for her to pitch the idea to publishers.