Branded Print & Design - Ryman Arts

I have the honor of being an alumna of Ryman Arts, as well as a contract designer for digital and print projects. 

Select projects for print and design for Ryman Arts.

Postcards & Mailers

Event Programs


Packaging/ presentation card

For 25th anniversary pins, I created commemorative presentation cards to support 25th Anniversary Pins when they were sold.
I had to devise a way for the design to be overprintable in-house, using pre-printed stationary.

(Unfortunately, my record of the project isn't complete. The image below is my only record of the final design in action. The export on the left is my only copy of the working file in action, with placeholder copy.)


In addition to working as comic book illustrator for Hollow Tree Comics, I was also their designer, designing not only the company, but also for the institutions in the comic books' narrative.